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Meet Brenda

Committed To Beautifying Spaces & Living In Flow

Brenda Knight  (on the left) is the proud owner of Brenda Knight Art Works (previously known as Become A Creative Giant) and the creator behind the "Creative Freedom Technique (™) which she has personally developed and taught to hundreds of absolute beginners over the past 8 years on how to paint abstract paintings, the intuitive way! 

Brenda discovered her previously unknown talent as an artist after finishing her career as a Police Detective. She had a go at creating some art for a newly renovated house, which was stunningly successful and her reputation for being creative has grown from there.

Brenda believes that the energy she puts into each of her artworks is felt when people view them and describes a painting as finished when it is “Breathtakingly Beautiful”.

She feels hat her job as an artist is done when she knows she is bringing more beauty into our everyday lives.

Nowadays she is still creating on a large scale (literally on extra large canvases) which has been made possible thanks to her naturally creative spirit and constant desire to create beautiful experiences and things.

Brenda also runs one day abstract painting workshops every now & then however these are currently on hold until 2027 as she's experiencing an extremely high level of creative flow right now which she's not keen on stopping!

Her Most Recent Accolades due to all  of you supporting Brenda & her art include:

Top Ten Selling Artist at the 2018, 2019 & 2021 Christchurch Art Shows

Solo Art Exhibitions in Christchurch, Methven & Nelson

Featured Artist at the Annual Mt Pleasant Art Exhibition Fundraiser

Plus being involved in a large variety of other Group Exhibitions & Shows

Represented by Sollos in Christchurch and The Red Art Gallery in Nelson as well as her prints being sold in selected retail stores throughout New Zealand including Creative & Brave in Auckland.

So if you see something you love or have an idea you would love to discuss then Brenda would love to hear from you!

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